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Programs Created by Pat O'Scannell


  • Belle Dame, Secular Songs of Dufay and his Contemporaries (*Seattle)
  • He Writes of Angel's Harmony, The Music of William Byrd
  • Ora Baila Tu, Spanish Renaissance Cancionero Repertoire
  • In the Courts of Kings, Cancionero Repertoire
  • Diferencias y Glosas, Virtuosic Instrumental Repertoire of the Spanish Renaissance
  • (*Seattle)
  • Rosa de las Rosas, Cantigas de Santa Maria (*Seattle)
  • Fauvel, King of Vice! Roman de Fauvel (*Seattle)
  • Stampita! Medieval Italien and French Dances
  • Ich Stuend an Einem Morgen, Senfi and the Netherlands Masters (*Seattle)
  • 1492, Music from the Age of Discovery
  • Fond Love is Blind, A Greenshow to accompany Anthony and Cleopatra
  • Joyne Hands, A Greenshow to accompany The White Devil
  • Chants de Noel, Provencal and French Christmas Carols (*Seattle)
  • 0 You That Hear This Voice, A Greenshow to accompany Othello
  • Italia Mia, A Greenshow before Julius Caesar (Casulana, di Lasso, Monteverdi)
  • Laura Suave, A Greenshow before Winter's Tale
  • Allegez Moi, A Greenshow before Comedy of Errors
  • Mirie it is While Sumer 11ast, A Greenshow before Henry V
  • Claudio Monteveri, Sacred Vocal Works
  • When Laura Smiles, The English Lute Song
  • Ninpha Gentil, Greenshow before Much Ado About Nothing
  • 0 Doice Morire.. A Greenshow before Romeo and Juliet
  • When Night Her Purple Veil, Works by Henry Purcell
  • Tu Dulce Canto, Silvia, A Greenshow before Othello
  • Bach 'n Roll, a Greenshow before Henry IV
  • The Sun King, A newly composed Greenshow before Three Muskateers
  • Mars vs Venus, A Greenshow before Taming of the Shrew
  • The Quality of Mercy, A Medieval Greenshow before The Merchant of Venice
  • Somewhat Musing, A recording of Renaissance secular works
  • Del Rosal Sale la Rosa, A recording of Spanish Cancionero Repertoire
  • Music of the Old and New Worlds, a recording featuring pieces by Hernando Franco
  • Renaissance en Provence, a recording of early secular Provencal carols
  • Baylado! Romance, Cancionero and sizzling dance arrangements, also by Sue Carney.
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