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"You whip up a different kind of stormů"
Bill McLaughlin, host for St. Paul Sunday Morning

"gripping arrangements"
Mittelbayirsche Zeitung

"in the instrumentation ... everything has a very fluid and organic sense"
Almanach, Tage Alter und Neue Musik 2000, Regensburg, Germany

A professional musician for over 25 years, O'Scannell has brought her uniquely passionate approach to the performance of Early Music to audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada, and more recently to Mexico and Europe, both as a vocalist of extraordinary range, a multi-instrumentalist of remarkable virtuosity, and a musical director and arranger of great depth and imagination.

Many will know her as a seasoned performer at the Grammy Award Winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she has been a musician for 23 seasons and a musical director for 12. Her scope and maturity as a performer, coupled with an avid curiosity about musical styles and sounds have led her to perform everything from Broadway to Mozart. Her rendering of the World War II favorite "I'll be Seeing You" in the 1999 Greenshow had audience members in tears, while her "L'Homme Arme" in the same show was equally powerful. Performing nightly, and designing shows for a predominantly theatre crowd has helped her to reach deep into her imagination and touch those who know little or nothing about historic music. This has helped to forge a musical personality of considerable force and ability.

Many will know O'Scannell as Artistic and Musical director of The Terra Nova Consort, a world class touring and recording ensemble which was founded in 1989, made its European debut in 2000, and has just completed its second national tour to sell-out crowds, and rave reviews. "Renaissance en Provence" and "Baylado!" Terra Nova's two recordings with Dorian Recordings Ltd. have been released in 54 countries, and can be heard on NPR throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Others may recall her performances in CRIONA, a band that played traditional music of Ireland and the British Isles for over a decade from San Diego to British Columbia. In this group she played whistle, guitar, and bones and sang both traditional ballads and sean nos unaccompanied songs. She continues to perform and record traditional Irish music, both as a soloist and in collaboration with others such as Thomaseen Foley and Men of Worth. O'Scannell's uncanny ability as a singer to convey a message, her consummate improvisatory skill, her way of shaping an air so that the listener is taken through every emotion, and her virtuosity on the whistle in interpreting hornpipes, jigs and reels make her talents in this genre complete.

Ms. O'Scannell is also widely acclaimed as a teacher, both to young children whom she has served through State sanctioned programs, and adults through Southern Oregon University where she has taught through the Shakespeare Studies, Elder Hostel and Senior Ventures programs for many years, and privately. She has also taught in the Seattle area through the Seattle Early Music Guild's educational program, and in various other schools and colleges throughout the NorthWest. She teaches recorder, renaissance reeds, viola da gamba and voice, with an emphasis on early and traditional styles and practices. She has also taught many seminars about the evolution of renaissance music and instruments to audiences of all ages. In addition, O'Scannell teaches traditional Irish tin whistle, ballad singing, and bones.

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